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In the web of interactions of this quickly evolving distributional society, everyone can easily share their time, knowledge, and skills worldwide. As this boiling kettle of network interactions is present everywhere and all the time, people’s activities and businesses becomes more space and time independent. It is foreseen that the work model that has dominated the industrial era – one job at one location at specified working times – will disrupt, when more and more people distribute the activities they do for their living among many different shared tasks carried out where and when they decide to.

Mentanglement’s intention is to act as a leading example with regard to transforming its own business and facilitating other mentangled people and businesses towards this awakening way of thinking and operating.

Mentanglement’s activities:

Energy For All: Technology Projects in Developing Countries
Energy For All is an international, non-governmental, charity organization working with technology projects at remote locations in developing countries. Current project countries are Nicaragua, Tanzania, Ecuador, and Nepal, and there are three technology foci:

  • Sustainable renewable energy
  • Clean water
  • Waste water

In Canada and Sweden, Energy For All also provide education about situations and solutions for energy, clean water, and waste water in developing countries, and education in leadership and community development in the context of international development initiatives.

In the role of Director of Technology & Innovation of Energy For All, Daniel Karlsson is leading the organization’s work with identifying, bringing in, and leading field evaluation work with potentially appropriate technology solutions. He is also responsible for the educational activities in Sweden.

Volunteer work in Energy For All’s projects in developing countries is an excellent opportunity to become mentangled with people living far away from Sweden and Canada. Energy For All offer you this opportunity to gain experiences for life at the same time as empowering other people!

Visit Energy For All’s web site for more information:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Are your business ready for hands-on activities to work towards environmental, societal & economical sustainability?

In collaboration with Energy For All, Mentanglement offer your company help with finding appropriate CSR projects for your enterprise, and supports you in establishing and initiating the projects.

Travels & Travel Arrangements
Let’s get adventurous and take the opportunity to visit exotic places, magnificent nature, and mentangle with other cultures!

Mentanglement takes you to or help you to arrange your dream travels to places such as the Galapagos Islands, the Andean mountains of Peru, the Amazonian Jungle of Ecuador, or the Artic nature of Svalbard.

Perhaps you need to disconnect from a too busy life and just to be for a couple of weeks? In collaboration with families in Peru Mentanglement offers the opportunity to rent a simple no-facility house in distant rural areas in the Andean mountains.

Or start dreaming, Daniel Karlsson is happy to come to you and give a photo presentation from some of his travels!

[Pictures will be added.]

Organizational Leading & Coaching
Emanating from the ongoing societal transformation Mentanglement coaches your business to adapt to the Distributional Evolution. Though leading to the future, the organization model perspective originates from an understanding of evolutional psychology and modern research within motivational psychology. The perspective has similar vision and resemblance as the perspective of best-selling author Simon Sinek, one of the world’s most coveted lecturers in organizational development today.

Mentanglement offers transitional working models and auxiliary means to facilitate transforming organizations into the new era. One example is the Alternating Week model, that combines personal responsibility and freedom with organizational structure and interwork, by alternating the two concepts in time.

[Video talks will be added.]

Business Relation Establishing
With an extensive Swedish and international business network, especially within optics/photonics and within packaging technology, Mentanglement provides support in identifying, finding, and establishing new business relations: business-to-business (B2B), trippel helix, investors. Mentanglement is mentangled with network clusters and with investor networks.

Sensor Technology Development
With long-term experience from development of various photonics-based sensors, Mentanglement offer traditional consultancy services to promote interaction with the environment. Field foci: Gas sensors, NDIR, TDLAS, optical coating, method development, testing and evaluation, project leading, and R&D grant applications.

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